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This website is about my hobby, historical re-enactment. I am especially interested in The Netherlands during the Viking age and the 13th century.
These pages are continuously under construction. For most pages, there is both a Dutch and an English version.
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Medieval names:
Names in the Low Countries before 1150
Names in the Low Countries 1250-1300
Nordic Names in the Low Countries
Medieval law:
Lex Frisionum, the Frisian law
Ewa ad Amorem, the Central Dutch law
Medieval warfare:
Battle of Vlaardingen A.D. 1018
Prices of early medieval weapons
The assassination of Godfrey the Hunchback
Dutch medieval sources
Maciejowski Bible

Last update - September 2012
Middeleeuwse namen:
Namen in de Lage Landen voor 1150
Namen in de Lage Landen 1250-1300
Noordse Namen in de Lage Landen
Middeleeuwse wetten:
Lex Frisionum, de wet der Friezen
Ewa ad Amorem, de midden-Nederlandse wet
Oorlog in de Middeleeuwen:
Slag bij Vlaardingen A.D. 1018
Prijzen van vroeg-middeleeuwse wapens
De moord op Godfried met de Bult
De afstamming van de Hollandse graven
Nederlandse middeleeuwse bronnen
Maciejowski Bijbel

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