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Et haec est simpla compositio

And this is singular fines

I 1-21 De Homicidiis On Manslaughter
II 1-10 Forresni Instigation
III 1-9 Thiubda Theft
IIII 1-8 De Servo aut iumento alieno occiso On killing another's slave or animal
V 1-2 De Hominibus qui sine compositione occidi possunt On people that can be killed without a fine
VI 1-2 De coniugiis ignoratis On marriage in ignorance
VII 1-2 De Brand On fire-raising
VIII 1-2 De Notnumfti On theft with violence
IX 1-17 De Farlegani On whoring
X 1 De Testibus On witnesses
XI 1-3 De Lito On serfs
XII 1 De Delicto servorum On crimes by slaves
XIII 1 De stupro ancillarum On fornication with slaves
XIIII 1-7 De Homine in turba occiso On manslaughter during a riot
XV 1-4 De Compositionibus wergildi On wergeld fines
XVI 1 De Fredo On peace money
XVII 1-5 Hic Bannus est This is the ban
XVIII 1-2 De die Dominico On the day of the Lord
XIX 1-2 De Parricidiis On killing relatives
XX 1-3 De mordrito On murder
XXI 1 De Plagio On kidnapping
XXII 1-89 De Dolg On wounds

Additio Sapientum

Additions of the wise men

I 1-3 De Pace Faidosi On the freedom of those who are at feud
II 1-10 Compostio Vulnerum Fines for wounds
III 1-78 Hoc totum in triplo componatur All this will be fined threefold
  14-24 Haec iuditia Wlemarus dictavit (Lex Thur.) These judgements dictated Wlemar (Lex Thur.)
III 1 De eo qui alteri viam contradixerit On him, who blocks the road to another
IIII 1 De eo, qui alterum de caballo iactaverit On him, who throws another from a horse
V 1 De Muliere occisa On the killing of a woman
VI 1 Saxmundus - De Flumine obtruso Saxmund - On obstructing a river
VII 1 Wlemarus - De Rebus fugitivis Wlemar - On escaped creatures
VIII 1-2 De Pignoribus On collaterals
IX 1 De compositione On fines
X 1-2 De re praestita On lending an object
XI 1 De Honore templorum On the honour of the temple

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